Evaluation: Project Problems

In this post I will outline the problems that we encountered during the project and what we did to overcome them. Problem 1: Digital Media Team One problem that we encountered during the project was a result of working with the digital media team. Before the project began, a digital media student reached out to... Continue Reading →

Evaluation: Project Management

As a project lead I think I was very strong and that was demonstrated through the efficiency of the project and the overall outcome which was an incredibly successful virtual event. When I entered the production company, I wanted the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership skills and I believe through the whole Wychwood project from... Continue Reading →

Creative Output: Virtually Wychwood

The creative output for our project was the virtual event which took place between 15:00 and 22:00 on Saturday 31st May. The livestream consisted of contributions from Workshops and authors, and music performances from our university artists as well as Wychwood main stage artists. Below is the schedule that I put together for the event.... Continue Reading →

Evaluation: Personal Contribution

Overall, I think that I had a significant contribution to the running of this years Out The Box, and my engagement with the company was demonstrated through my attendance to board meeting and through being a significant voice in every meeting.¬†Within all of the projects that I was part of I had a prominent role,... Continue Reading →

Evaluation: Professional Development

In this post I want to outline the development that I have made throughout the year which contributes to my professional practice. I entered this year feeling deflated. For the year prior, myself along with my peers had worked extensively to try and gain work experience/placements within industry, with almost every single person having no... Continue Reading →

Company Handover

When the opportunity arose to lead the accumulation of the company handover, I made the decision to put myself forth for multiple reasons. I am planning on staying in Cheltenham for the next year, so when it is a viable option to do so I can help to deliver the physical handover. By leading the... Continue Reading →


In February I received an enquiry from Owen Maers, station manager of Tone Radio asking for help in programming in their annual fundraiser Glos-Tone-Beret. He was very honest in saying that he did not have any any live music experience, nor a strong music network and therefore wanted help in scouting artists and programming the... Continue Reading →

Construction Process: Reconfiguring the Plan

Unfortunately, before we could begin turning our plans for Wychwood into action, the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to proceedings and Wychwood Festival 2020 was cancelled. We did not however want to give up and so a team consisting of me, Emily, Alice and Erin took to reconfiguring our partnership with Wychwood and ideas for... Continue Reading →

Research: Initial Plans (Pre-Covid)

With the goal of making our role in this years Wychwood the most successful that it has ever been conducted, I put a tremendous amount of time into research and planning before pitching my ideas to the rest of the team. The research and planning stage began in February with a meeting with Andrew our... Continue Reading →

My Role

Previous Years For the last 2 years I have worked at Wychwood festival in numerous roles building an array of experience and different ideas for future practise. In 2018, I took on a week long internship which saw me work in the box office in the 5 days leading up to the festival. I was... Continue Reading →

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