Project Problems

In this post, I will discuss the hurdles problems that we faced throughout the project and how we managed the issue to overcome it. Problem Number 1: Artists Pulling out of the album The first problem we faced was that after initially contacting artists about the project to gather their interest and discuss our ideas,... Continue Reading →

Rebranding Boxed Records

As a team, we decided that we wanted to rebrand Boxed Records to raise the profile of the label both amongst university students and around Gloucestershire. To do this we believed that a redesign of the logo was necessary, so we got in contact with Chris Smee who is the founder of local record label... Continue Reading →

Key Documents

To ensure both the smooth running of our project and the legality of the operation, we produced and distributed different documents regarding the contracts between all parties, room-booking contracts to hire university-owned recording spaces free of charge, and album launch agreements. Contracts To establish a professional working agreement between the Boxed Records team and those... Continue Reading →

Project Meetings Log

14. 10.19 - Studio Test Run (CD, EM, AG) CD, EM, AG went into the studio with an artist, set it up and recorded a guitar/vocal track simultaneously to try and increase proficiency within the studio. Table meeting to discuss artists we would like to have on the album, and potential songs that would work... Continue Reading →

Initial Idea’s

... we're making a Christmas album !! As a team, we knew straight away that our first Boxed Records project would be to create a Christmas album, ready to release in December. As a team, we all love Christmas and were full of ideas of what we wanted it to achieve. To start the creative... Continue Reading →

Independent Year Planner

Below ┬áis my independent year planner, outlining the projects that I am interested in having a primary role within, and the others that I will take on a secondary role. The main aim of my year is to gain more practical experience in the two sectors that I am interested in exploring; record labels and... Continue Reading →

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